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Donate a Box

Sharing is Caring

Your used/unwanted belongings can bring happiness to other people. Afterall, good karma always falls upon those who do good and help the less fortunate.
If you have old clothes, TV, used appliances, old text books, then why not donate them to others? At IndoBox, we have tied up with a number of organizations in Indonesia who are happy to receive your donation.
So if you do have used belongings, instead of throwing them away, why not share it with the less fortunate?

Donate a Box

How to Donate a Box:

1. Call us to get an empty donation box delivered to you
2. Pack as much items you want
3. Call us to collect the box
4. Select the organization prefered on the shipping note
5. The box will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. We will email you a photo of the box delivered to organization of your choice


  • Dontation box comes in 1 standard size (56cm x 56cm x 56cm)

  • The empty donation box costs $100 (usual price $130)

  • The destination is fixed to one of 5 organizations listed here

  • We do not ship flammables, firearms, drugs, undeclared duty goods.

Donate a Box
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