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Merchandise Shipping

Unlike many other courier and freight companies, we only specialize in sending shipments to and from Indonesia. Being an expert in this field, we can advise you on Indonesian customs and how to avoid getting into issues with the custom law.

Why choose IndoboxAsia

  1. We offer all in rates up to Indonesia Door from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam & USA.

  2. We are the ONLY COMPANY offering NO MINIMUM for airfreight service from Singapore, Malaysia & USA to Indonesia.

  3. Our rates are fixed with no additional charges.

  4. We provide email updates and online tracking of your packages

Rates & Charges :

Singapore to Indonesia
Starting from as low as SGD15.00/ Kg
USA to Indonesia
Starting from as low as USD20.00/Kg
Malaysia to Indonesia
Starting from as low as MYR60.00/Kg
Indonesia to Singapore / Malaysia
Starting from as low as SGD10.00/Kg

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions

Do you do printing or photocopying?

Yes, we provide a variety of printing jobs including: 1. printing in colour in poster quality (vibrant colours and professional contrast) 2. booklet making including automated folding in half, trifold and stapling 3. large volume printing and copying 4. printing on special papers and cards up to 300gms 5. printing your documents before you arrive to the shop (please see point "Can I send you something to print for me?" for more information.

Can I send you something to print for me?

Yes, you can have your documents printed in our shop without leaving your office or home. PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE IN FULL BEFORE CONTACTING US Simply send us an email with the file you would like to print and provide us the following:

  • Number of copies
  • Would you like them to be printed in colour or grayscale (black&white)
  • Double or single sided
  • Printed on regular paper or 160gsm or 270gsm card?
  • Size of paper: A4 or A3
  • Approximate date and time that you plan to collect your printouts
Please note that if you request a large quantity of printouts, we might ask you to place a deposit before we start processing your order especially if you choose it to be in colour or on a card. Such deposit can be paid by card over the phone. IMPORTANT Please send us files with extensions of PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC or DOCX. If your file has other extension, we might not be able to open it. In a reply message we will let you know the cost of your order and confirm or (if necessary) change the date and time of collection. Our email: shop@magpie-and-crow.com

Do you do scanning?

Yes, we can scan any document up to A3 size. We can also do large volume scanning of hundreds of documents. Please contact us for a quote using our email: shop@magpie-and-crow.com

Can you laminate my document?

Yes, we provide laminating service. We can laminate documents up to A3 size. Please note our machine requires about 15 minutes to warm up, so you might want to give us a call a bit before you come, so we can have it ready for you. Our phone number is here: 01620823388 IMPORTANT Please do NOT ask to have original very important documents laminated, especially diplomas, other certifications or antique papers. At the end of the day laminator is just a machine and can break down damaging your important document. Although it only happened once during our 5 years of business, we strongly advise to have your document photocopied before laminating it. Please note Magpie&Crow Limited will not be responsible for damage of such document due to the fault of the lamainator. Of course in such event you will receive money back for the service, but we will not provide any further compensation.

Are you connected with "Watsons of Haddington"?

In 2014 we bought the business from Watsons and we renamed it to "Magpie & Crow". Business is based in same place and still provides all necessary stationery goods to our customers. More about "Watsons of Haddington" can be found in our About page.

How much do you charge for photocopying and printing?

We have a variety of discounts, which we apply for orders, which exceed 50 printouts/copies. We also charge less if we print on your own paper. Therefore for large volume jobs we charge as little as 3p including VAT per A4 black&white side. Please get in touch with us and we will happily prepare the quote for you. Best way to discuss your printing job is by our chat or using our email: shop@magpie-and-crow.com Our default prices are as follows: A4 black&white is 15p A4 colour is 25p A3 black&white is 34p A4 colour is 50p

Can you produce an invoice? Are you registered for VAT?

Yes to both questions. Our EPOS till produces a detailed list of all goods and services purchased plus it has our VAT number printed. Still you can request an invoice for yourself and your company. Please note that we might not be able to prepare the invoice on the same day as you purchase your goods, therefore if receiving an invoice is crucial for you, please contact us prior to your visit to schedule an appointment, so we can have everyhting ready for you. Please note that we can only offer credit accounts for selected companies, which are subject to our checks. Companies without account cannot apply for credit of any kind.

Can I pay by cheque? Can I pay remotely?

No, we cannot accept cheque as a form of payment. You can however pay with your card over the phone or by bank transfer if you cannot visit us nor use our online shop. Please Ask for Anna to complete remote purchase. If she is unavailable, please use our chat or contact her by email: shop@magpie-and-crow.com

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