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About US

IndoBox Asia leverages our team’s extensive expertise in the cross-border freight and logistics world to create a global shopping forwarding service that makes online shopping in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia as easy, accessible, and affordable as it should be. By providing a safe, reliable, and free Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia mailing address for online shopping, we eliminate any high costs or logistical barriers that are usually tied to the experience of buying online from Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. With IndoBox Asia, you can just buy anything like a local, consolidate your orders and have them shipped to your door worldwide.

Our Shopping Forwarding Service (SFS Division) provides a swift and reliable delivery service for packages and parcels of various sizes. We understand the challenges that consumers face when trying to find products that are not available in their country. To cater to this need, we have developed a customised software that enables thousands of shoppers worldwide to shop and ship products from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia to their doorstep. Our software is designed to simplify the online shopping experience for our customers, enabling them to purchase products from various retailers and have them delivered to their preferred location. We leverage our expertise in logistics and transportation to deliver goods on time, every time.

Online shopping
Access to leading local marketplaces in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

By signing up to create a free account at IndoBox Asia, you’ll get access to deals from leading local marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada that will let you buy as if you were based locally. The same goes for other marketplaces in Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia. If you buy like a local, you pay like a local, so you’ll see your shipping costs going dramatically lower. In a nutshell, we make online shopping in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia become a truly global experience.

Consolidate, Send, Enjoy

Buy from Shopee, Lazada, and other marketplaces and get all orders condensed and shipped to your door worldwide as one. You’ll no longer need to pay for multiple orders’ shipping costs, which often cost more than the actual products. With IndoBox Asia, you get your orders’ shipping experience consolidated, priced locally, sent globally, and swiftly dispatched to your door so that you don’t need to wait long to enjoy what you buy.

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Our Personal Effects (PE Division) service to clients who need to move their personal belongings from across the globe to Indonesia. These clients include Expatriates, Students, Seaman and Domestic Helpers (Indonesia) returning to Indonesia after their work contracts. Our team of professionals will help you navigate the complex customs regulations, ensure that all necessary documents are in place, and make sure that your belongings are delivered safely and securely to your preferred location.

Our Oil & Gas and Project (OGP Division) is focused on the provision of logistics services to the oil and gas industry. We work with clients in the industry to deliver equipment, tools, and materials to remote locations across the globe. We have served clients in both upstream and downstream in the Oil & Gas Industry ranging from moving of critical spares to save a downtime crisis to moving of oversized platforms for offshore installations. We believe that anything built can be moved!

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